Linda McCartney’s Death Questioned

de8985f451c2670c56a423afa99180a7With the nature and location of Linda McCartney‘s fatality in question, authorities in Santa Barbara Region, Calif., released a probe into the singer and rock photographer’s death. The outbreak of speculation prompted Linda McCartney’s widower, ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, to flatly reject that his better half’s death was an assisted suicide rather than a natural death by cancer.

McCartney revealed that Linda, that disclosed she had breast cancer cells in 1995, had actually passed away that Friday on the household’s Santa Barbara ranch, following the recent discovery that the cancer had spread in her liver. Inquiries regarding the concern occurred numerous days later after the regional coroner obtained no death certificate for Linda McCartney. In addition, there was no authorization for the cremation of Linda McCartney’s body, as required by county law.

Worsening the confusion was a report on Wednesday from People magazine’s on-line edition that pointed out anonymous resources confirming that Linda McCartney, who was 56, had actually passed away in Tucson, Ariz., 400 miles from Santa Barbara.

On Thursday, the Arizona Daily Star paper reported that unnamed neighborhood officials had independently validated that Linda McCartney had actually passed away on the family cattle ranch east of Tucson. Nonetheless, authorities will not publicly prove that an Arizona death certificate has been provided because such files are considered sealed, exclusive records under state law.

A representative for Pima County, Ariz., Medical Inspector Bruce Parks, expressed that the office had no comment on the concern.

We certainly heard the rumor that she may have passed away in Arizona,” Sgt. Jim Peterson, a spokesman for the Santa Barbara County sheriff’s
office, told CNN. “Until we can confirm that either through the state of Arizona or through an attending physician, we’re not going to be able to cease our investigation.”

The questions obliged Paul McCartney to issue a statement with family spokesman Geoff Baker that revealed the area of Linda’s death just as a “private” location.

Linda McCartney’s ashes were apparently carried back to the UNITED KINGDOM over that weekend and scattered around the household estate in Sussex, England.